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Drama Integration

Have a program already but looking to add a little drama into the curriculum? We have trained staff that can come and teach our innovative techniques that will improve the communication in the classroom as well as offer fun experience for all.

Faculty Training

We value our school’s administration. We offer training that will help staff better communicate with one another as well with the students.


Ever wanted to learn about a particular theater job? Check out our workshops. We have every position that is involved in the success of a stage play. Not interested in acting on the physical stage, its ok. Check out our workshops and become part of the fun.

Summer Camps

This is the camp that everyone wants to be a part of. We provide a two week summer camp that is devoted to teamwork and collaboration.

After-School Programs

What if your child’s after school activity included: freedom of expression, building confidence etc.... 

Have them join us for an experience that they won't forget. We have a 8-10 week program that ends with the latest shows that they will be well aware of.

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